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Originally Posted by seablue View Post
Yea, I know that MBA does not guarantee $7k, i read up a lot of masters with $3k+ in this forum too...

But i thought that if i have a 2 years of experience at a managerial level in a regional company, coupled with MBA (albeit not a listed company). I might have a chance to get a managerial position in a SME, which is probably about $7k? Please correct me if i am wrong.

Of course, I am not yet a manager yet in my company, but i am rather confident in doing so, so please advise base on the above scenario.
get a degree first (part-time) while holding your current job.
after that, try to aim for a Team Lead role and work your way up.

EQ, people, presentation, marketing skills are key to $7-8k/month.
It is good that u plan for your longer term (after 40) ... do note that there will be different challenges with those $7-8k/month job.

MBA ($40-80k) to be consider when u go to an environment where there is a need. eg. Mid-to-Top mgmt influence or networking for better opportunity

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