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Default Some facts

Originally Posted by Liverpool View Post
couldn't agree more...
Dear bros, I work in a bank. Just to contribute some facts here.

1. Bankers do churn their customers in order to meet their targets. Bankers talk about the revenue they generate, not the profit they make for customers. For most products, they have some discretion how much spread they want to take from customers. For eg. If pdt A earns 8% interest, banker can tell customer it earns 5% interest and pockets the 3%. If you think this is not very right, then you are not suited to work as private/priority banker.

2. Accumulators/ structured finance/ pdts are still around and selling like hotcakes.

3. When an earlier post mentioned using leverage to increase a 100M AUM to 150M AUM to generate more revenue, it doesn't mean the banker helped the client to make 50% profits! It merely meant that the client can buy more stuff using his 100M (aka gearing, leverage, financing, borrow to buy more etc) I agree that if the banker can help the client make 50% profits, he would hv already set up a hedge fund himself! The truth is, bankers care more about their own revenue targets.

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