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Do you mind sharing how much you earned per year as an above-average insurance agent and property agent?

My advice is to work hard in your current job. You are quite lucky to be able to find a 3k job after being effectively self-employed for so long. Get to know other project sales people both within and outside your company and find out how to advance your career in this field.

There's no harm getting a part-time degree. My wife got a UniSIM degree part-time too, but only because it's good to be able to claim to be "a degree holder". She's earning good money nonetheless cos she did well in her work and managed to find one good job after another in the same field.

Get a degree first. Think about the MBA later. You may change your mind about all these paper qualifications along the way.

Save up wisely. Maybe one day you'll be able to run a small business.

All the best and congrats on getting a good-paying job.

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