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Smile Please advise on my career path plan

Hi all,

I am a diploma holder from nanyang polytechnic in electronics, computer and communication engineering (graduated in 2004). My GPA was quite okay (3.301) but I did not enter NTU as my family income is too low to even apply for a loan. From 2004 till 2010 December I am working as an insurance agent (above average performer) and then a real estate agent (above average performer).

I decided to quit as income is unstable nearing the end of my real estate agent's career, and also I do not wish to do direct sales till I am 60 years old. Really cannot imagine myself being an real estate agent at age 40 onwards. I thought of doing my own small business after purchasing my HDB from the resale market (I am married with no kids) I am left with $0, in fact in debt.

I went around hunting for job, and realize that diploma really get you no where. In the end I am lucky enough to get a job as a project sales executive from a regional logistics company (4th party logistics). The starting pay is $3080 basic (after probation) + commission.

I know that in Singapore working world, my diploma basically gets me no where generally ($1800 starting, $3k+ at age 40?). If I eventually left my current company I am dead. I did some research and plan to get a 1 year part-time degree (honors) from Auston, university of coventry. After that I plan to use the degree to study for MBA from SIM, university of birmingham.

I estimated that by the time I get my MBA (after 3 years), I will most probably be having a managerial title at my company with 2 years managerial experience. I estimated I will be able to get a job outside with pay of about $7000-$8000 if my current company cannot match my wish.

Please advise on the below.

1. I personally think my current job is good enough for me currently, except travelling time of 3 hours a day. Please comment.

2. My choice of study path, please note that I have to study part time due to finance constraint.

3. My perceived scenario after getting my MBA from birmingham.

Thank you very much in advance.

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