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Was with Public Institution 2 years ago .. from what i know

E: $2600 - $5400
SE: $4000 - $6500
AM: $4600 - $7500
M: $5300 - $8900
SM/AD: $7000 - $12000

From what i understand private --> public usually will drop a grade or 2... depends on the salary... =) hope this helps
I'm currently working in one of the public hospitals under the Singhealth cluster. I'm working as an allied health and back in 2016, Singhealth had a salary adjustment and the pay scale posted above is pretty accurate. For my job grade, I'm under AM, increment wise is based on a certain percentage, for B grade, it's about 2.x percent plus an additional $50 increment per year, bonus for B grade is about 2.5 months, nobody knows the bonus for other grades as it is never officially announced, only the person having the said grade will know when they see their salary slip.

Progression is very slow, it generally takes at least 5 to 10 years to climb to the next job grade. I heard that the pay increment is only $200 when you gets promoted?! LOL.

I got low balled by the HR when I joined, I wasn't offered any pay increment by the HR from my previous job as HR claimed that the overall package is higher than my previous job, despite the fact that I have a Masters. Sigh I should have fought harder during salary negotiation back then. As a result, I feel that I'm drawing a lower salary than market rate based on my qualifications and my experience. I still feel bitter but oh wells, just got to suck it up and hopefully the next salary adjustment will come soon.
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