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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Damn toxic you. It's people like you that make me hate the culture in the legal industry.

Yet when it comes to needing something from someone, you will act all nice and appreciate that people are nice to you.

It's easy to be harsh and to poke holes on others, that's what you do in a lot of legal work, but to do it on others in the workplace, yet appreciate kindness from others when you need it? That's extremely unenlightened. F you.
Wah u made of glass isit... Boh leh xim ah? If someone criticise you then they're toxic? Can't take criticism, expect to be spoonfed... Go fly kite la. I hope your father mother got some law firm to house you sia, little glass princess. Law firms generally don't want a glass princess to be placed on a pedestal, unless you got some heavyweight connections that can bring in the dough. But let's not kid ourselves la, if you have that kinda connections you won't be out here squawking like a newborn bird, waiting to be spoonfed.
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