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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Anyone successfully landed an in-house role without the requisite experience in the specific areas listed on the job ad? E.g. trademarks, corporate secretarial, or building and construction laws...etc.

If so, how did you survive the selection process? Crash course before the interview? Convince the interviewer of your abilities to pick up fast?
I was in-house for a few years while completing my masters. Here's my two cents.

Most companies advertising for junior positions don't expect miracles. So long as you meet about 50-70% of the job description, you'll probably get at least a call back. When i first went in-house I had 0 corp/comm experience, but majority of my disputes experience was in the energy/engineering/construction sector. My boss felt that my knowledge of the industry outweighed the fact that I had no corp/comm experience and everything else could be learned on the job. I stayed there for almost 2 years and while the learning curve was steep, it was a rewarding experience.

The problem is when companies are hiring for sole legal counsels or are looking to set up local offices or are looking for someone to head a team. These positions will not generally hire peeps without the experience mentioned in the job description.
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