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Do you mean in London or SG? Either way, donít think so unless your cv really has no demonstrable experience or good enough undergrad grade.
UK firms donít emphasis on experience or grades as much as Singapore or American firms - thereís a minimum cut off for each but they really interview on whether you display certain personality traits and soft skills that will make you teachable / pleasant to work with as a colleague. Commitment to commercial law (in the form of understanding their clients) and to the firm (in the form of taking the time to attend grad rec events is also very important).

The idea is that most of law school is not very relevant to real work + their trainee intake is 50% non-law grads anyway so comparing grades is apples/oranges and they will take the time to retrain you once you actually start your training contract. That is why they have a two-year training period (during which you actually get paid) as opposed to the shorter/zero training period for SG/American firms.
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