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Originally Posted by Newhere View Post
I am in my mid twenties and thinking of starting a career in private banking. Would like however to gather some info... hope fellow forummers can enlighten me:

Generally, what would be the pay range for someone in private banking:

- at entry level (roughly mid twenties)

- at mid thirties

- at mid forties

- at mid fifties

What would be the (roughly) title of such a person at each of the above stage? I am talking about someone performing the role of private banker or an associate moving up towards the role of a private banker, and not the support services....
what is ur background? have finance related internships or jobs before?

what is ur education? Preferably finance background, CFA a plus, a good uni degree with good honors = analyst. A good masters = associate.

are you good looking? Be honest.

Can you sell? any sales related jobs u r doing now? are you prepared to be judged by sales? you can sell = high bonus. If not, you can say bye bye.

can you network? What do you usually do to network? u attend networking events? U haf rich frens? u play golf?

sometimes u may start low first, as personal banker, meaning the ones that are at neighbourhood banks or small branches asking auntie uncle to buy from u... u may haf to do that first until u r really good enough to handle the big fish... are you prepared to do that for the first few years?

its not easy but if u can sell, u can do v well later in life...

qualify for the job first than ask abt the pay...

these are what i heard from my private banking friends...
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