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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Okay wait so they accepted this dude for a TC, then abruptly pulled it 2 months from the start date (I'm guessing he starts Jan 2021), leaving him with little or NO chance to apply to other firms (given that most will have filled their TCs by now). If the firm is so hard up they could have re-negotiated to reduce pay etc, but instead they just left him high and dry with no options and a short time period to try and find a replacement (if they really couldn't take him, they would have known some time back).

And you think that we should protect the reputation of such a firm? Somehow you think letting firms do this is acceptable, and yet we should protect them? So that firms can continue to do this to trainees? Are you serious?

If this publicity ensures that other firms take a hard look before thinking of screwing over students and trainees, I'd think it's for the public good.
where does this expectation that the firm must help you get called come from??

on the same note we preach in this thread tt its ok to drop small firm A for big4 firm B if u get tc from latter with no regrets, do it 2 months before due to start also no problem its just business lmao, gotta look out for urself first

times are hard and sh*ts competitive, but u dont get ahead just by changing the rules of the game lol, esp if ur a new player
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