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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Lol are you serious? This is just never ever done unless you screwed up damn badly (like if you were caught doing something illegal). If this is true, please let us know the firm in question --> as a PSA to everyone to avoid the firm.

Anyway, if you remember your contract law, you can't compel people to work (or to continue hiring you) in employment contracts. At best you can get damages but you got to prove losses, gonna be very minimal (especially if you find an equivalent TC). The better thing to do would be to blast their reputation online, instead of wasting thousands in legal fees, and ending up with like a minimal (or even zero) compensation. And you better check your TC to see if there is a "termination for xxx reasons" clause.
Seems like a cheap shot blasting their reputation online no? They're probably a small firm struggling and doing that isn't gonna do anyone any good

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