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Hey sg big 3 uni student here. Interested to know about Singapore's hedge fund industry. I have been trading for a couple of year with savings and have managed to get roughly 20% irr from $1000 3 years ago to around 1750 now. Could have been higher if i hadn't shorted tesla. I didn't really need the extra money. I was just trading for fun.

However, now in my final year i have to start looking for a career i'm passionate in. How large are hf teams in Singapore. How many pods do the large-cap funds have? What is the analyst to pm ratio in these funds.

I read that citadel is opening a Singapore base. Does that mean they see potential in our sub 1 trillion market cap exchange to grow? Also do these funds hire from undergrad or only from elite mfpe/bb groups?

I am taking a degree in cs and my math is also solid. Does Singapore have many opportunities for quant trades?

Tough luck son. Even ivy league student joined my firm as a trainee in s&t.

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