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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
On the topic of bad recruiters, please avoid the following

Dhvani Doshi from Hays (I called inquiring about a role, she told me she would call me back in 10 minutes..... it's been 3 weeks surprise surprise)

Paulin Tan from ANSA (kept telling me there was a role that I could be a candidate for and never got back to me)
Agreed about Dhvani Doshi from Hays - Rude, entitled and impatient. Randomly calls you up for roles then never updates you and ghosts entirely. RUDE.

Emily Tan from Formative Search - This woman will literally harass you lmao. If you turn down a role, she will keep asking you WHY WHY WHY and ask if you can intro any friends who might be interested. Sometimes she even pretends as if she had mandate from the firm/company to act and search for a candidate. Anyhow max.

Sophie de Blauwe from Taylor Root - Will chat you up and get you hyped for a role, then ghost you. I heard her strategy is she lines up several candidates and sends the weaker ones in first to suss out the interviewers/what kind of questions would they ask/etc to prep her stronger ones later.

Melvin Ling from Hudson - I only learnt about this guy because he randomly cold called me on my office phone without even reaching out to me on LinkedIn first. Spoke to him for 5 mins and felt damn tired, clearly doesn't even know what he's doing or what the legal industry is about.

Awaiz Iqbal from Interlink Recruitment - OMG AVOID THIS GUY. Just like Emily, he anyhow pretend he has mandates and will randomly splice together random partner profiles to cobble up a JD for you. He once asked my friend whether she was interested in a role with XYZ department in my firm, which didn't even exist so I asked to see the JD - lo and behold, he just anyhow threw a few partners (from entirely different depts) and claimed they were hiring for that specific dept lol.

Lucy Kennerley from Leap29 - She will be very nice to you if she needs your profile/cv but when you try to ask her about roles she's posted, she'll be damn cold to you and say they not hiring for your profile lol.

Eng Chang from Space Exec - Talk a lot but clearly doesn't know what he's talking about, has a throw **** until it sticks method i.e. he will spam you with roles or talk you up about them when you're clearly unsuitable.
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