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Default Wrong job fit and bad boss

The worst combination ever. Really regretted accepting this job offer. Dying to get out of my job.

Accepted the job offer because I wanted to learn something new. Even took a pay cut. In the end, it was really admin work I'm doing while I used to do specialist work previously.

Suddenly, 2 months ago, my supervisor's attitute towards me changed overnight. I did ask whether if everything is ok, and she said everything is fine, but she picks on my work and take away all my projects that I was handling. She also left me out of team discussions. now I was like having nothing to do in the office. I don't think it's my performance cause like I said, she used to like me and there were no issues with work. Even my colleagues felt that she's being personal and just picking on me. The best part is, all of us are wondering why is that happening.

I do not want to go direct confrontation as she is very petty. If I speak to her, sure will get worse during my time here. Was thinking of to bear with the job scope till end yr so that I can get my bonus but now with this kind of situation, I can't take it anymore!

Thinking of gg back to do what I'm experienced it. But worried that can't find a job as I only here for like 6 months. I thought most employers would deem me as a job hopper? Sigh. If I can I also don't want to change job so soon...

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