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Originally Posted by lazyplane View Post
u said u want the front office role...but none of the back office..and i guessing middle office roles.

well if u end up in front office in local bank , then it will take a long time to recover your investment in masters

only foreign banks pay well...and to rise up in banks u need more than education knowledge.

have u considered the cheaper way which is to do a cfa ? or diploma in mktg for sales related roles in banking ?

masters in finance may not help much in getting a sales role in banking...
as with all investment...

i wish u the best and hope u make back your invesment. let those reading this forum know if u do succeed.
Thanks for ur well wishes...

its not abt the pay per say as I am earning quite comfortably in my current job but its just something I dun see myself doing for in the long term...

I have done my research on CFA and I think the time spent is not worth it... Assuming I pass CFA successfully everytime, this will still take me 2-3 yrs, not forgetting how much time I will need to study. I'm faster off with an MBA or Masters of Finance. Universities also have a career service centre that helps students to find jobs which CFA does not offer. The con is of cos the cost.

I'm also looking at Consultancy too but the frequent travelling kinda discourages me, but I have not thrown that idea off yet... just need to do more research to be sure...

as someone in my late twenties, i think this is my last chance for a career change so I have to very sure what I want to do for the rest of my life because once I am inside the industry and 30 plus, I don't think I can change my careers again...
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