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Originally Posted by Liverpool View Post
I have been in the accounting field for nearly 3 years and I really don't like it...

I have thought about it for very long and I want to switch to banking... in case you dismiss me as another investment banking wannabe, I am infact quite comfortable with working in other departments in banking like consumer banking, corporate banking or private wealth management, etc, all except back office...

I have tried applying to the banks for these programs but I have not gotten any reply.

1) I have no relevant experience in banking. I see agressive SMU and NUS students having banking experience in their internships even before they graduated while I have none.
2) By working nearly 3 yrs since graduation, I don't qualify for the bank's 'grad program'.

People told me I can go work in internal audit in banks but the last thing I want is to do something accounting based again.

This leaves me with one option I have been considering for quite sometime, which is taking a Masters of Finance. By leveraging on that uni's career centre, I can join a bank as an associate.

I thought of the local unis at first but having got a degree there myself, I see no value add in adding another local uni into my resume for my masters program. Besides, if there are career opportunties in other financial capitals like Hong Kong or London, a good Masters of Finance from top overseas uni is more recognised than our local unis. This allows me more options.

This masters is my last chance at education, and I thought of going out there with a bang, which is choosing the best schools out there (provided they accept me first, of course). If that happens, I think my $100k saved over these few years will be heavily exhausted...

I then think about my wedding costs and costs if a baby arrives... its all abt $$$$$$$$$... haiz...

actually my mind is sort of set, which is I will go for a Masters of Finance next year, but I would like to hear any advice from you guys if any...

Many thanks.
speaking from personal experience, if you can get into a good program, (the qualifier is that it has to be the top schools, like Harvard, Stanford etc), then go for it. The ROI works only if you are willing to consider jobs outside of singapore, meaning, such as HK for example. Yes, sacrifices need to be made, such as marriage plans, baby etc. If you can make it work, balancing all these, go for it. Most of my friends' relationship didn't last during the MBA years.

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