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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Hi I am a singaporean studying economics in UK(LSE/Cambridge). I am trying to move back to Singapore after I graduate next year. I have done an internship at a EB in london (evercore/lazard) and gotten an ft offer.

However, my aim is to be move back to Singapore, preferably the buyside(PE) after i graduate. How is the PE industry in Singapore? I know a few US megafunds such as KKR have a presence here as well as regional players such as hiltonhouse and also the SWFs.

Do these funds have an analyst program or do they recruit for associate only?
Also how does the compensation vary (eg for the associate level, does KKR/Apollo pay the same as their NY counterparts?)
To my knowledge, megafunds don't run structured analyst/associate programs here--hiring is usually as needed / ad-hoc. Teams are small and seats are few so competition is arguably even tougher.

If you're set on building a career in PE in this region, I'd say broaden your horizons to smaller mid-mkt / regional firms as well. The pay may be slightly lower than at the megas but it's still at the top end of most financial careers. Deal flow also tends to be better and promotions faster if you get into the right seat at the right time.

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