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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Unfortunately PE isn't that big in Asia. Most of the largest shops don't even have an office in Singapore.

If you're really looking for a role in buy-side, you should look at our local SWFs (GIC/Temasek) or vanilla asset management (Fidelity/Templeton/Blackrock/Capital), many more opportunities in these areas compared to PE.
Hi Thanks for the response.

I am the guy who in studying econs in uk. I am just a student so i may be extremely inaccurate.

Why do you say that most big shops(I assume u mean mf) dont have a Singaporean presence. I thought apollo, kkr, warburg, carlyle have a pe team in sg. Do you mean that most of the sea deals are sourced in the hk office instead of Singapores.

Im not interested in being in asset management or pwm although i know that Singapore is a regional hub for it.

Just wanted to ask why you said that the Asian pe market is small. I understand that the pe market is not mature in asia as compared to europe/us. However, dosent the new kkr, apollos or bxs asia fund size indicate that LPs are interested in getting the chinese/sea investment despite lower returns.

Again, im just a student so I might be highly inaccurate.
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