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Question What kind of job can I switch to from app developer role?

I am very tired of my current app developer job
I am currently an app developer

everyday have to answer how system work, everyday gt new thing happening. My work environment is fastpaced, dynamic

I just want to do the same thing and have a predictable workplace for 5 years. I master something for first year, then spend the next 4 years do the same thing that I am trained for.

Weekend have also standby duty. Current job: $4.4k.

I do not want to make technical decision anymore, I am only good in follow instruction.

The pace here is good damn fast, whatapps, email, slack channel. constantly will have people tag me and I have to catch up, keep up etc etc

I keep making wrong decision, cos my ability not there, and I really catch no ball of what technical thing they are doing, most of the time I agar agar only. I dun want to screw this project.

I want to leave this project gracefully, before they realise I actually just enduring and I feel I will get throw to more sai in 2021

Looking for non technical job, I don't want to touch programming anymore

- No weekend duty, more family time
- At least $4k
- follow instruction, I don't ask question
- No programming

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