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You siao ah. $4k is so low that if there was a poverty line in Singapore it would fall far below it. I earn 4.xk and I know how much of a struggle it is to survive. I would describe myself as living in severe and abject poverty as even young fresh grads now start from $4.8 to 6k (based on reading this forum).

Be that as it may, I wouldn't recommend TS to change job now because a place that will accommodate her health issues won't be easy to come by. Changing in the current covid environment also compounds the risk - people take big issue with any one that coughs and if TS is new to a company, chances are the people won't take kindly to her coughing. The finances of businesses are also less stable due to the covid recession.
This is good advice. Stay until covid is over or less serious then start looking for new job.

Having said that, media industry as a whole is not high paying thus 4k in 6 years is not unheard of (many in the comments might be comparing you to salaries in the tech, engine or biz sector).
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