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Yeah, non-faculty staff. As Mgr, Snr Mgr, AD, SAD onwards.. How is the work culture like at NTU, specifically in the admin offices (OT)? I heard there are quite a handful of former colonels there? Military style?

I understand that it is no longer a stat board, this means that it no longer enjoy the government annual bonus declaration on top of the usual AWS & PB. True?

From the forum, it seems like the average PB is about 2mths for those in government or stat board. So far how is the PB at NTU?

Promotion prospect/rate?

Kum Sia very much!
NTU is very big, so work culture depends on which department you are in, and whether you are with the Schools (faculties), or with central administration. I would say it is a bureaucratic place. Not a related point, but there are many ex-civil servants servants in the administration.

NTU pays PB and a 13th month bonus. It doesn't pay the variable bonus declared by the govt in June and December. The PB in NTU varies year to year, depending on the state of the economy, it seems. The average performer gets less than 2 months last year, closer to 1 month for the more junior staff. Civil service seems to pay better bonuses. This year's PB has not been paid.

Is there a way to broaden this thread to include all the local universities?

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