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just cleared my AYH interview last week. according to my VP, failing is quite rare. also. the level of prep is quite important. my school leaders spent quite abit of time preparing each of us, so the actual interview was fairly straightforward.
For SH/LH interview, failing is rare as long as you know your roles and responsibilities well. For HOD interview, the demand is higher and you will need to display the ability to take on a greater role. So the chances of failing is higher for the latter. I know of a couple of KPs from different schools who didn't clear the HOD interview.

Not all SLs will prepare the staff, especially for SH/LH interview. Sometimes it is the ROs who do that, which imo isn't the best candidate since they have never been part of the interview panel. Between VPs and Ps, my choice would still be Ps. So it helps to check in with your P nearing the interview date.
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