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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
LLM only useful if (1) doing in the US with (2) a view to getting called to one of the state Bars there.

Otherwise, don't waste your time. Legal practice doesn't care about postgrad studies, it doesn't tell an employer about your basic legal knowledge and it's not a requirement for admission here.

If your LLB had terrible honours or was from a terrible school, an LLM won't redeem it. FCH from Nottingham better than 2:2 from NUS and LLM from Cambridge. Interviewer will know your parents have more money than you have brain cells from just one look at your CV.
Hahaha well said (I'm not OP). But the last part made me rofl.

I disagree though, a Cambridge LLM is highly regarded. An Oxford BCL / Harvard LLM means you have more brain cells than sorting through mindless documents. Idk how you'll pull a Cambridge LLM with a 2.2 unless you pull some back alley trick.

A Nottingham FCH is what it is. It is not a FCH from any of the higher rated schools BUT a FCH is a FCH.

I think you'll only be wasting time and money if your LLM is not from Oxbridge/LSE and top tier Ivies. Obviously don't go to Brown. Harvard, Stanford, Columbia. Penn doesn't count unless you do corp and you get a dual degree from WBS (and be with the likes of Trump, who has more brain cells than anyone)
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