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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
would rly appreciate if u dont spread false info.

in the grand scheme of things, especially when it comes to CEP / inter-department individual appraisal rankings, a FCH beats all other honour classes, except for losing to scholars.

to the ppl who said that a FCH needs 11 or more years to reach 7k/mth, either u are drunk or just stuck in a rly rly bad organisation / dept.

a FCH should not and i use the keywords "should not" take more than 8 to 9 years to hit the 7k mark. if u need double digit years to achieve 7k, then clearly ur very screwed up at work, which brings me back to my original point; how did u even achieve your FCH in the 1st place? since almost all FCH holders are known to be smart n hardworking, and that shld apply to them in the workplace as well...
Many FCH are book smart but not street smart. Cannot perform at work.

Note i didn't say ALL ah
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