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Default How many applications to get a job in civil service?


I am just curious - how many job applications did you all send out on CareersGov before receiving an offer, assuming that you have tailored your application details to the job to the best of your ability?

I am asking this because:

(a) when I was still a fresh grad (NUS Arts Hons 2:1) about 2 years ago, I sent out 20 applications on C@G and got 2-3 offers. Took one of them and yeah stayed for about 1 year 6-7 months before moving to the private sector. Am thinking of applying back to the public sector after 6 months in my job.

(b) I have heard some of my friends saying that they applied to like 100+ positions over the course of a year and still no offers. They aren't that bad in terms of academic credentials by the way, with local uni hons (2:1).

(c) Some of the titles and advertisements are perplexing. Entry positions for some ministries can range from Executive to Assistant Director. For Some stat boards, the entry position is Assistant Manager while for others its Manager.

Come tell us your story!
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