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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Any thoughts (pass rate, difficulty of content/assessment, etc.) on these part b electives:

-advanced corporate practice
ACP - Higher failure rate, content heavy and tricky long questions.
IP - Very content heavy long questions, higher failure rate, time management is a must.
Wills/Trusts - Heard is one of the easier modules.
Mediation - Also one of the easier modules, has MCQ component but have to do more practical work during the course.
CBT - Easy long questions, basically just copy-paste style questions. Not very content heavy.

P.S In most papers, questions are structured such that if you fail one question, you fail the entire paper. Retakes are allowed once and allowed only if you fail max 2 papers. Fail more than 2 papers = fail bar exams. Fail any retake = fail bar exams. During my batch there were rumours going around that examiners have been instructed to reduce passing rates. Whether true or not idk~
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