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dumb question from a uni student, but when people say big 4 pays 5.5, 5.8, how is the CPF component calculated in? i.e. what is the final take home pay for B4 per month? Thanks in advance
It's not calculated differently from any other job. The 5.5k - 5.8k figure is before your CPF contribution. So you need to take away 20% from that figure to calculate your take home pay, and it applies to the first 6k of your pay. Anything else is not subject to CPF contribution. Even if you earn >6k, your bonus is also subjected to contribution because of some additional wage ceiling thing, I can't remember how it works exactly but you can easily find out on the CPF website.

The law firm will also have to pay another 17% which goes straight to your CPF account. So in total you will get 37% of your monthly salary in your CPF account.
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