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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
any boutique dispute reso firms to recommend? Am currently looking for an internship which allows me to learn as much as possible and not purely for the portfolio. Thanks!
what kind of disputes are you looking to do?
PI is also disputes.

Im refraining from mentioning firms/teams i have a bad impression of or had bad experiences with.

I've had dealings with the construction team at Rodyk and they're pretty good. They also seem to treat their juniors pretty well. Turnover for the particular team i have in mind is super low - it's been 4 years and still the same 3 people.

One of the disputes team (gen lit with focus on investment) at Khattar is also pretty decent- lots of court of appeal cases and reported cases. Turnover for this team is high, every year someone leaves.

Was impressed with the trusts team at TSMP too (only worked with that team, no comment on the other teams).

Small firms... i was pleasantly surprised by a few. Raymond Yeo (only does family), Tan Lee and partners, Ling Das and partners (construction matters, no comment on their other practice areas), Eugene Thuraisignam (criminal matters, no comment on their other practice areas)

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