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i'm not even asking to be promoted at a super fast rate, i just feel that my rate is too slow. Hen tak kaki at geo 3 for 7 years, by next year it would be 8 years already. Even my colleagues who got C- before or who went to give birth twice before n was away from school for almost a year, all got promoted faster than me.
Hi, I'm the previous poster who replied to you. I totally feel you and was quite "Sian" and frustrated too. This was why I sought my VP's advice. Sometimes, I feel if you got to make it known to SLs that you haven't been promoted and what could be the reason, only then they will 'keep a lookout' for you. No need to be shy in fighting for your rights. Otherwise, like what others say here, have a change in school but remember to pack with you a portfolio of all the good work you have done as you prep for open interview. I was quite thick skinned when I spoke to my VP about slow career progression, I told him it's plain ridiculous to be only drawing a mere $200 more in salary as compared to a much younger peer who has 3 years of teaching experience. Really suck thumb. Then again, at a higher subgrade, work responsibilities are also heavier. So I'd rather go with more MI than being promoted.
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