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thanks for your reply poster #4908! Is it a concern that insurance is industry specific? I was under the impression that specialising in a niche area would be a good thing, and that restructuring is more generic than insurance litigation. Thus, career opportunities in the future would be better with insurance as according to a friend "every insurance company will want to employ you should you go in-house."

Thanks in advance for any replies. Much appreciated!
Insurance is not a bad sector to be specializing in private practice tbh. it provides good solid mandates. insurance teams in big 4 and international insurance-focused firms always have work because there are always loss events. nothing sexy, but it more than puts food on the table

your exit options will naturally be in the insurance sector. claims is the no-brainer but you can actively market yourself to other in-house areas

restructuring gives you a broader base of advisory and litigation work. you can market yourself as being attuned to the corporate perspective, albeit from the distressed side of things. it is potentially more flexible but at the end of the day, it really is how u package your experience.
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