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So the consensus is that it is not worth, in terms of having no difference in starting and progression compared to non-MAP staff in PSA? Any one else have any other views or inside info to share? thanks
You may enter a MA program but that does not accord you any special status, unlike in CS or SAF when you are immediately accorded a certain status. If someone not on an MA program overtakes you then you obviously suck and ought to be ashamed of yourself. I am glad I overtook a lot of colleagues on the MAP.

Before this I was in another GLC and it was largely the same. They do offer full scholarships and I know some ex colleagues who were fully sponsored for a 4 year Bachelor program then full time Masters overseas. When he came back he entered the MA program but thought that he should be treated like a princeling. Needless to say he was sorely disappointed that he had to compete with UOL and SIM students and left when his bond was over.

The attraction here is the full scholarship, not the MA program.

Welcome to the real world.
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