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Hi guys, anyone knows how a final interview will be like? I went for ‘2’ casual chats with some of the interviewers, the first one being with the HR and TL I presume and the second with the unit members. Was quite surprised to be given a final interview as they said the first 2 ‘casual’ chats were not interviews and they told me to fill up the G50 form and credit report and pass it to them on the day of the final interview, does it mean I’m confirmed getting the job? Am quite nervous for the interview so hopefully everything goes well.
It means that you are likely selected for the position already.

You will be meeting the director / senior management at this "final interview". They are unlikely to veto the team leader's decision unless you say/do something ridiculously stupid.

Treat it as a formal introduction to your future boss' boss/es. Be confident. Smile. Act as though you are already part of the team. Mention the names of your team lead/members, and bring up some of the things that you guys discussed at the previous two interviews. Give your opinions (on issues related to the job scope) and say something "strategic". You want to be memorable and leave a good first impression to your future boss' bosses.
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