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Originally Posted by Superpurple View Post
hi. 30yr old male, 5yrs in banking. SIMGE-UOL 2nd upp in B&F.
what job grade should i look at? senior associate? AM?
what is this mx12 mx11?
i'll be brutally honest. u can get past their interview stage in Civil Service (CS) and get an offer den reply here. they usually dont take in candidates from pte uni. and even if they call u down for interview, u will be up against the best candidates that our local unis have to offer bcos school of business is the most popular among singaporeans.

the minimum entry criteria is usually a Second Class Upper from NUS/NTU/SMU.
i haven't seen any successful ppl in CS from SIT/SUTD/SUSS/SIM:GE/Kaplan/MDIS. my definition of successful is earning at least 6k before 35yo.

just to answer your question, the MX rank is the most generic rank used for deg holders in CS.

MX13 = entry lvl for deg holder
MX12 = u pass 2 years probation / contract and are emplaced into perm scheme
MX11 = probably a make or break deal to decide if u will jump into semi-superscale before retirement
MX10 = the max of your salary scale crosses 5-digits
MX9 aka Superscale = congrats your basic salary is now 5-digits

the above is probably equivalent to your banking & finance (B&F) side of:

bank teller / admin asst
financial analyst
board of directors

u kinda get the picture....
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