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Default How to get rid of bed bugs

How to get rid of bed bugs
If you suspect there are bedbugs in your home, look for signs of them in your bed and other areas. For example, they often hide in:
* mattresses
* box springs
* bed frames
* headboards
* pillows and bedding
* cracks or seams of furniture
* carpeting around baseboards
* spaces behind light switches and electrical outlet plates
* curtains
* clothes

Not all the insecticide works for bed bugs, some might affect your health and still no use. Use Chinchex Sg to kill bed bugs in your house. It is 100% silica dust product specifically developed to kill bed bugs.*Kids and pets friendly, no harm to human or animals. Also 100% effective against bed bugs, it would kill cockroaches and ants. You can watch the tutorial video before usage.

you can buy from w w way&sr=8-1
or chinchex .sg

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