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Hi, need some advice about dealing with direct ROs.

My RO is quite an old, blur and forgetful HOD. Not that I have anything against his age, but he loves to dump a lot of workload on the new or younger officers (newly transferred in or within 5 years of service).

Not that people are unwilling to do the extra (or even sudden) work, but it's very unfair when we are not being recognised for completing these extra workload while he takes credit. In the meantime, the older and experienced teachers usually don't get any new extra workload.

Because of his failing memory sometimes, certain duties are also not rotated. Even after telling and requesting a change, he refuses to budge despite the fact that certain roles have a heavier workload.

After speaking to other KPs from my own school and even from other schools, most responses are just about sucking it up.

I love my school culture and colleagues. But it seems like having a good boss also matters a lot. Any advice?

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