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Originally Posted by Ambition View Post
It's been more than a year, it's interesting to see the same qns over and over.

1. No definite timeline to hire you, on average 6 months. All the school holidays and long weekend consider as PH, exclude from your counting. So 6 months to you, is 3 months to them.

2. If you want a non canned reply, call. Don't email. Call AM or M. They are more eloquent and know more.

3. Not true that only fresh grads get DX9. It is pegged to current salary too. Don't be too caught up on DX rank. At 9 you can appear better than 10, for doing similar things. Chase for the salary.. 9 and 10 overlap a lot.

4. The question you get and amount of time, can change anytime. Usually your boss is looking for your command of English and flow of thoughts, not how righteous you are. It is very important to write well as as all important comms r through papers.

My qn:
Any experienced hires know what is the grade for consideration of promotion?
Band 2 or 3 is false news, not valid for DXO.
based on hearsay and 2nd hand info from those promoted, you need to get at least 2 consecutive C+ to be promoted.

maybe there are some other ways, i.e reached years in service or hit ceiling. This is not as clear. just my own opinion.

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