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I swear all the people this generation all super soft one. When they meet some difficulties they will start complaining. Being a junior has always been this way, you have the least say as you have the least experience, you are not able to call the shots. This has always been the way in probably anywhere you go, everyone has been through that phase. I hope you became a doctor because you wanted to help people and not because you assumed that they are the biggest shot in the healthcare system.

Your life is not the worst, Doctors in Singapore back during the SARS crisis have been infected and even one died trying to treat the sick. Another user here also said that in China Doctors are attacked and are not paid well, many Doctors in China from other cities are also willing to risk their own lives and go into Wuhan to treat the sick. Would you have done the same? So just endure and do your job, remember why you’re in this line of work, to help the sick and the needy. If your whole goal is to just have an easy life, maybe dentistry would be something up your alley instead.
Spoken like a true boomer doctor, "BACK IN MY DAY...."
Back in your day you could afford landed property and a car as a medical officer
So shut your trap
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