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Anyone please please guide me on this....I Got an offer with NCS $6800 salary for the position Lead software engineer with P3 grade, which is 10% increment then my current salary. But they dont have AWS so considering that I will be getting the same amount even in my current company. I am asking for more salary, are they flexible enough to offer more salary? How much max we can ask from them ? What about P3 professional grade is it good or bad?

I also wanted to check how does the promotion works in NCS ? Is it easy enough to get promoted as PM as I have 3 years of PM experince(in current company) with overall 8 years of experinece including software development. After promotion how much will the salary differs?
Calculate for you annual package :
Old Job : 6.8/1.1 x 12 = 74.2
NCS : 6.8 x 12 = 81.6

Difference is 7.5k which is ard 1.2 months bonus of your old company. So if your company give AWS then its 0.2 months more of salary you get from ncs only assuming you get no bonus in ncs
Dunno how much bonus ur old company give....... you do the calculation =)

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