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Default Monetary Authority of Singapore Enquiry

Hi all,

I am a university student graduating in May. With a degree in banking & finance (2nd upper) in one of the local unis, I am thinking of applying to MAS. However, for those with knowledge of MAS, I would like to ask how is the progression of MAS like, as compared to say, an accounting big 4 company (I have an offer from a big 4). I heard that the pay for MAS is pretty high at the start but will essentially be overtaken by the big 4s in the future.

Is it also true that it is difficult for people to move on from MAS because the things you're doing at MAS is very niche? And how is the culture like over at MAS? Would it be less competitive than in banks?

Lastly, does anyone know what the interview processes are like at MAS? I heard it is really competitive. Does anyone know what is the average intake per batch?

Thank you all!

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