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Default Just keep trying! Good luck!

Originally Posted by lawlee View Post

I have been working part time job (a few hrs a day, no cpf) for past three years due to family comittment. Prior to part time job, I have been working full time for 16 years. Recently I left part time job coz I completed my assignment.

I am 42 and have a degree. I am still open to doing part time job (admin), or even full day temp job(less demanding) so I can still handle my family.

But it seems tat all the salary stated is for entry level rate. And once they know my age, they r not keen to Wan to shortlist me. Even if they do, the job agent recommend a job no one wants to take, very far and low pay.

Other than keep trying for job, what tip do u have for me to gain a better edge?
Unfortunately, I believe you have to temper your expectations since the jobs you are applying for are entry-level jobs. Look at it from an employer's perspective - why would I pay someone extra for their degree and 16 years of work experience when I can get cheaper labour elsewhere? You may, at most, only get a marginal increase.

As to your point on age discrimination: sadly that is a reality which you cannot avoid.
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