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Originally Posted by Soangeli View Post
First of all, thank you for the advice! I知 a local uni grad and earn up 4.2k in NCS now.. basically you have mention exactly what I知 afraid of... It痴 more about the working circumstances or says the culture..

I知 under the waterfall development and everything is still kind of ok when it is about to get the code done.. The case is I知 afraid of once heading into maintenance then my colleagues with same level also including me will face a very tough challenge as we having a kind of political team lead who show dick face to all of us but be nice nice to higher rank.. can say the good thing here is our batch and our pm very supportive.. so I知 really confused about if I should move on alr..
I can't speak for your salary (as I am not a local Singaporean, and exploring Singapore as the next place for me to move my career to) but I am of the opinion who you work with and for can make and/or break your career. If it means leaving this team and making a few hundred dollars less, but knowing your team lead/management team will take care of you through and through, it's a judgement call for you to make. Right or wrong, that's for you to decide and to judge. Hope that helps.

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