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i would advise u to hang on to your job for as long as possible.

reasons being:

-ur close to 40, the age where most PMETs would find it difficult to have job stability or face the axe

-after getting axed, most of them drive grab or do some skill-less sh1t that doesnt add anything to their resume. heck, i'll even say most of them have trouble finding full-time jobs even after asking for 50% lower than their last drawn salary

-your mid-30s to mid-40s is the most valuable time of your working career, because it's the time where u earn peak salary

-EVEN if u found a job after resigning from your current job, is there any guarantee that it won't be as stressful as your current job?

-your salary is very commendable. u could just build a FIRE (financially independent retire early) portfolio if u know what that is

all the pte sector coys i've been to, i've not seen a coy that has more than 1 to 2 employees who are 50yo or older. that shows u how prevalent ageism and age discrimination is when it comes to finding a job in SG.

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