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About the cocky looks from the comments above... well, that's tough. If somebody looks at you already with the preconceived notion that "you're a VP at a bank and therefore you must be cocky although you're just a team lead", then there's nothing you can do to counter that perception right? You're basically doomed already no matter what you do.

You smile while handing him your card = you're arrogant.
You walk upright around the room cos you're happy = you're cocky.
You talk to a lot of people to network = cheh, so proud, he VP onli! No big deal!

Warrao! Then what are you supposed to do if you're a VP? Tell those ppl you have no name cards? Attempt to look apologetic that you're a VP? Cannot right?

The best is like I said lor, just enjoy and dun care what people think lah. Or work the ass off to become Director as soon as possible, lol.

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