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Originally Posted by Forever View Post
I am working in analytics field for a bank. My current working environment is very stressful with unrealistic timeline and fair bit of admin work outside analytics. I got to work on average 3 hours OT daily.

I am thinking to find a better work-life balance job and am prepared to take a pay cut as i cannot maintain this in the long run. I am wondering how much pay should i ask for when i look for my next job so that i will not short change myself too much and yet not to be seen as asking for the sky?

Can any kind soul advise me on this?

Below are some info about me:

Age: 39
Basic Salary: 9900 per month
Variable Bonus: 4.5 month on average
Experience: 14 Years
Martial Status: Single
i just replied to you in the other thread. I am 37.
i am earning $6400 per month, with 5 to 5.5 month bonus.

What was your age when you earned $6400 or so?

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