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I see. So, in the end are you working there? Or you rejected the offer?

Just a small update, I went to the interview. The interview was quite basic kind of interview for Operation Technician, which is more to know better each other (self introduction, yourself in 10 years, am I aware that the position I applied is for technician, any questions for them etc).

First round was with 2 guys, 1 of them would be the one you will be reporting to if you got the job. The interview lasted about an hour for me, after that was being told to wait awhile with HR. Few minutes later, I ended up for an English test, so called UK grammar test. There are 30 questions, 3 minutes each questions.

The result of interview will be notified by email on the end of December. You will be called for medical check up if you're shortlisted, followed by background check. Let's say if everything goes smoothly, you will be receiving another email from them in around February, asking you to tender. And yep, the intake is on April 2020. Hearsay, there are a total of 100++ candidates for that 20 technician position.

Also, hearsay EM only takes first class from NUS and NTU.

Mr. K

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I did received the offer last time, same like yours, an expat however dip holder. Basic offered was 1500, but if youíre a degree holder you may be getting 1800-2000 range. Im unsure if thatís the range set for expat or perhaps the same standard for everyone. Especially when you have non-related experience.

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