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I am a junior supervisor in CS. Share a bit of perspective. Very hard to get rid of non performing, lazy, self entitled oldies. You know those that come at 830, go canteen 1 hour, 2 hour lunch break, 45 min toilet break and knock off on the dot kind? And don't produce any real work and keep saying "not my job" kind? Good luck firing them because, it is just difficult.

So to solve this some smart aleck scholar interagency high potential working group thought of hiring people on contract so can get rid of them if don't do well.

Great idea except it penalises the young, energetic and good performing new hires. Who feels demoralised after their contracts get renewed instead of being placed on perm status. So they take their skills and energy elsewhere.

We get left with borderline or average people who are happy to just have a job.

This is for non-degree holder hires. Not sure about degree contract holders.

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