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jus wondering engineering scheme still exist? i cant think of any ministry still got engineer?
i thought all engineers are in stat boards already..
from ministry of home affair

Engineering officer scheme

Singapore Police Force - Career
Engineering Officer

Engineering Officers (EO) will be involved in the planning, design, operation, and maintenance of electrical equipment including computer-based automation system, digital control and monitoring system. They will also administer contracts and supervise the installation, testing and commissioning of electrical equipment in the Singapore Police Force’s installations. You may be deployed in Police Technology Department, Police Coast Guards or Police Logistics Department.

Entry Requirements
Applicants should fulfill the following requirements:

Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Resident

Honours Degree in Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical, Civil, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering or other relevant degrees which are recognised and accredited by the relevant engineering authorities

For information on the acceptance of overseas universities for employment in the Civil Service, please click on this link.

Salary Structure
The entry salary of Engineering Officers depend on their educational qualifications.

Engineering Officer (Gr 13)

With NS*
$3,677.50 - $3,872.50

Without NS
$3,190.00 - $3,385.00

*Denotes 2.5 years of NS
Updated as of 26 June 2009

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