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Hi all

Need some advice as i'm recently offered a job in a logistic Japanese company locally. I notice alot of japanese working there and this asia branch isn't that big at most about 50+ people. Is it ok to work there? My friend used to work in a japanese company with a similar scale and had a pretty bad experience. Just need some advice on what to look out for eg culture, working hours, bonuses

Thank you
Last time work in big Japan manufacturing MNC. In terms of culture I think is more serious and heirachy than the US & Europe companies. They are quite into discipline and punctuality and being late for work is very much frown upon.

Working hours I see is quite different between department, I think this one more based on boss than company. I work in different company before and results quite mixed, not dependent on where the co. is from

Bonus ususally not very high, if executive level around 1.5 to 2 mths, but tend to be more stable than other MNC. Promotion same as other co., ceiling only start to get felt when around senior manager to director level, so if you still junior level then no diff.

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