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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
P2 is not a PM. It is senior consultant. 3 years experience senior consultant (join as fresh grad. Promoted at 1.5 yrs) 5.6k (highest i heard) from my batch.
P3 is Team Lead / Assistant PM level (6.8k) ard 10 years experience
P4 is PM and your range is correct
P5 is senior PM and your range is correct

However note that there is no AWS. and for the last performance review if you get rating of 4/5 (1 being highest, 5 being lowest) you get 0 month bonus. Rating of 3, you get 1 month bonus with no increment. Rating of 2 , you get 2.5 months with increment.
Not sure about rating of 1.

Cheers hope this helps so that you dun get short changed. Generally try to negociate for higher pay as they are more willing to give. After you join, the progression is generally 3% per year (base on performance rating of 3) minus this year since this year singtel profit dip hence the bonuses was very bad
I got like 6.3k offer and P3 with 5.5 years of working experience since degree graduation. Is it consider a lowball?

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