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This forum was started in Feb 2010 by Avatar to share and discuss annual incomes. Lets see how our incomes have changed over the 9+ years.

In 2010, my annual income was $127,000. Last year (2018) it went up to $256,000. A combination of pay adjustments against inflation and promotions. New (good class honors) graduates joining my company used to get $3,000 per month, now new graduates are getting $5,000 per month.

At the end of the day, how much you earn is only 1 aspect, another important aspect is how much you can save from what you earn. In 2010, I was saving about 25% of my annual salary, now with both my kids having completed their uni studies, home loan paid off, no car loan, no maid, I was able to save 75% of my 2018 income.

If you are able to save 100% of your salary, you have reached financial independence!

On average, you would enjoy almost 10% salary increase compounded every year. That is very rare for most people.
My average over 6 years was a meagre 2% increase to adjust for inflation.
I have to move to another firm to get the jump I needed (not to expectation).
You are a lucky man.
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